In this page you will find useful downlaodable content related to dev.a. The instructions on how to install the software upgrades can be found in the user manual.

Latest version (v1.2.0.74 released on 07/09/2023)

Older versions

We DO NOT RECOMMEND to install older version of the dev.a firmware since the old versions contain more bugs and less features. But if, for some reason, you really want to do downgrade your machine you can contact us at and we will take care of your request.

Versions history

Version Date Changes
v1.2.0.74 07/09/2023 Minor fixes and improvements.
v1.2.0.72 03/04/2023 Added the possibility to reset the temperature sensors tuning values and added a new feature to slightly randomize the rotation inversion interval.
v1.2.0.68 17/10/2022 Minor bug fixes.
v1.2.0.67 07/07/2022 Added a more comprehensive self-check process, lowered the minimum rotation speed to 20 rpm, various bug fixes and improvements. Added details about the mechanical rotation system.
v1.1.5.63 01/03/2022 Bug fixes.
v1.1.5.62 16/02/2022 Added the “Repeat” option to the cleaning process setup and updated the user manual “Cleaning and maintenance” chapter, adjusted pumping times.
v1.1.5.60 10/12/2021 Added new options in the configuration screen, added the “drain tank” option to the stop process dialog, replaced the tank lock check with a warning dialog, added the temperature tolerance to process parameters, added the degree symbol to the keyboard and added support for USB drive formatted using different filesystems.
v1.1.4.57 03/11/2021 Made the “water not recirculating” error skippable.
v1.1.4.54 13/10/2021 Improved hardware handling and fixed software bugs.
v1.1.4.53 05/10/2021 Fixed some software bugs.
v1.1.4.49 17/09/2021 Added the customizable cleaning process, lowered the minimum process temperature from 20 °C to 18 °C and fixed some software issues.
v1.1.4.46 01/09/2021 Added the possibility to use lower amounts of chemistry in specific situations and added warnings about temperature control issues related to the use of low amounts of chemistry. Updated the temperature control process behavior and made the tank size choice persistent across reboots. Added film rotation checking during processing, extended the multi-rinse cycle duration to 2 minutes and fixed some software bugs.
v1.1.3.40 28/05/2021 First release