Bellini Foto partnership

We’ve been collaborating with Bellini Foto to verify and improve the development results you can obtain with dev.a. Their great knowledge of photochemsitry and development issues has been instrumental in the development of our machine.

Development results

Verifying development results is obviously extremely important and it’s not possible do so just by looking at negatives on a light table, especially when dealing with standardized processes, such as C-41 and E-6.

Just like what is usually done to verify minilabs efficiency, C-41 and E-6 control strips have been developed and analyzed with a densitometer to establish the correct development conditions.

Various conditions have been tested, such as fresh and used chemistry and mulitple development runs of the same process, checking at the same time for potential cross-contamination issues.

Development uniformity

Filling and draining the tanks inevitably requires some time. It is understandable to be concerned about the potential development differences between the frames of the same roll that are on the outside of the reel and those that are on the inside of the reel, effectively getting in contact with the chemistry at different times.

After developing rolls with 36 frames of medium gray (shot out of focus against a blank wall) it has been verified with a densitometer that the there is basically no difference between the first and last frames of a 36-exposurse roll.